“Now What, God?”

By far the most difficult part of my trip to the Philippines was saying goodbye to my fellow compassion sponsors at LAX and boarding my plane back to Atlanta. Of course I was excited to be going home, but also overwhelmed with the idea of trying to communicate what I had experienced on the trip. […]

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The Girl Who Waited

There are so many stories from my  few days spent in the Philippines that remain yet to be told. This is one that has remained untold because it wasn’t a particularly happy story. That is, it wasn’t until something happened last Saturday to completely turn it upside-down. It was that Wednesday that changed my life […]

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The Keys to Your Freedom

What If I told you were a prisoner. There’s someone out there with the keys to your freedom. You hold the keys to theirs. The problem is you don’t actually realize that you are trapped. And they need you to act first. We are prisoners of excess. “Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on […]

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